Through paint British abstract artist Winn aka (Abstract Astronaut) explores a singular raw outlook on modern space.

A constant traveller & self confessed nomadic explorer, Winn was compelled to record her excoriating perspective of our world during her travels. Taking you on a journey to explore the nebulous parts of her memories, thoughts & experiences.

Having lived & sold artworks across three continents, Winn has now settled in Somerset due to a love of Georgian architecture & a desire to be closer to home.

Artist Statement

They say age affords you a new prospective; but for me the idea that has persisted is exemplariness is an illusion.

Each & every-time I put 'paint' to paper it is to ensnare a singular imperfect portrayal of culture & society - demonstrating the weightlessness life has to offer.

After-all in this age of new-found emotion, their is - at least to me - comfort, reassurance & familiarity in conversations of colour.

Current & past collections

You can explore past and present collections below

- Places (2018 - present)
- Memories (2018 - present)
- Adventure (2017 - present)
- Transport (2018 - present)
- Faces (2018 - present)

- Stranger Things 3 (2019) released 2020

Collaborations & Partnerships

Recently having the pleasure of working with brands like National Geographic, Land Rover, Mars, & Powertrip. Abstract Astronaut is no stranger to collaborations, if you have a project, commission or idea get in-touch.


[email protected]

Please get in touch if you’d like to commission an illustration, purchase a print, or if you just fancy a chat.

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