Places Collection

These places feel so foreign now, the narrow streets that flow like streams winding through the unkept countryside. For the most part they hold a reflection of the past obscured by the unchecked raw progress of society’s hubris.

This collection is focused on those moments, those places.

Memories Collection

The Abstract Memories collections takes you on a journey through time to experience moments long since forgotten; as Abstract Astronaut captures childhood moments of adventure and discovery.

Adventure Collection

Take a journey in paint with Abstract Astronaut, discovering new places, experiencing new emotions.

Transport Collection

Travel, and explore transportation through the eyes of Abstract Astronaut.

Faces Collection

The face wasn't anything extraordinary or significant, and yet, we're somehow magically drawn to those serious and silent features. always avoiding each-others gaze, unable to help but notice clean skin, a lack of makeup & always messy hairstyles. Perhaps many would consider it unremarkable, but to us it's awe-striking.

Stranger Things 3 Collection

Originally painted for Abstract Astronaut's god-daughter the series is now (in 2020) being released. Centred upon the core cast members during notable moments from Chapter Three.

Collector information

Please read thoroughly or get-in-touch before purchasing from us.

Materials used
Each work is drawn using Procreate on an iPad Pro printed (Archival pigment paper 310GSM, 100% cotton and acid free), hand embellished & signed. Three-dimensional layered works are also produced on occasion, by way of glass or perspex etching often upon request or commission.

Limited Status
When shipped you’ll be sent a certificate of authenticity; your edition will also be numbered. Generally speaking only eight of each work are ever produced by us - we do not merchandise or sell derived products.

Bespoke wooden frames are available, each individually selected & crafted, just ask after (or before purchasing).

Size available
The sizes are shown beside the price of each piece most are 15inches by 19inches (15" by 19"), a handful are 30inches by 38inches (30" by 38") & 7.5inches by 9.5inches (7.5" by 9.5").

Post & packaging
Free within the UK (unframed). International orders will be subject to additional shipping charges based on size and destination. All orders should arrive within one to four weeks, depending on your location & mine. Your purchases is final once shipped.


[email protected]

Please get in touch if you’d like to commission an illustration, purchase a print, or if you just fancy a chat.

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