Abstract Transport

Limited collection, 2018

The Abstract Transport collections explores the history of transportation, past and present.

Note: Unless otherwise stated they're all 15" by 19" and sold unframed - that said generally Abstract Astronaut prefers to ship works framed owing to the peculiar dimensions demanding a bespoke frame. Due to the nature of collecting limited edition prints, all purchases are final. Please be certain before making any purchase.

All are drawn using Procreate on an iPad Pro, printed (Archival pigment paper 310gsm, 100% cotton and acid free), hand detailed & signed. When shipped you’ll be sent a certificate of authenticity; your edition will also be numbered and in most cases hand embellished making each edition completely unique.

Post & packaging is £10 within the UK and £15 - 45 everywhere else - all orders should arrive within one to four weeks. Gumroad will also convert the prices shown to US dollars on purchase.

Three, Limited Editions Currently Available

Limited Edition78 - 100
May, 2018
Abstract Transport, Collection


£105.00 - framed, 18" by 22" (edition 15" by 19")

Oh there’s something about a good moggy that always makes me smile. This illustration was inspired by the Instagram blogger (Monalogue) who Morris I will always envy.

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Limited Edition90 - 100
May, 2018
Abstract Transport, Collection


£125.00 - framed, 18" by 22" (edition 15" by 19")

This 1960s typically red mini is to me the most quintessentially British classic. Designed by Sir Alec Issigoni, during the Suez Crisis. The Austin Mini reminds me that faced with any crisis we are able to overcome it.

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Limited Edition86 - 100
March, 2018
Abstract Transport, Collection

Pulling into The Station

£145.00 - framed, 18" by 22" (edition 15" by 19")

I’m not sure about you, but I’m forever missing my train. As I sit there waiting for the next one, my mind starts to wonder about life before these mechanical horses. When I look at this painting, it helps remind me it’s okay to miss the train because another will come..

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